Welcome to Horse Escape!

You are a horse who has been captured by evil horse rustlers.
Far from home, you escape your captors but face a long journey to freedom!

Your job is to control the horse. Use the arrow keys to steer the horse to the flag.
You may not move through obstacles.
Move over a person to get a rider. With a rider, you can jump using a, w, s, and d.
You can't walk through a fence, but you can jump over it if you have a rider. However, you still can't jump over lengthwise.
If you run in to an enemy horse rustler, it's game over! You'll have to start again from the beginning. Try to avoid these guys.
If you go in front of a sentry without a rider, it'll be game over. Get a rider to avoid suspicion.
Get to the flag to win!

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