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Welcome to Horses for Life

In the game horses for life, you take the role of a beginning horse rider. You have won little races and your income is dwindling. Your career is almost over before it started. Your only chance of making it big is by winning the Tour de America, a new horse racing tour with a large cash payout. Unfortunately, you do not have much time to prepare. The tour has already started. In order to win the tour, you must win all 5 races.

Train your horse and participate in 5 different races of the Tour de America. Your goal is to win as many of the races as possible, coming out as the champion horse rider of America. Good luck.

Begin Game


To begin the game, you simply enter your name and choose your horse type above. Standardbred horses have better edurance and can take more training per day. Thoroughbred horses start with a speed bonus. Click the Start Game button once you are ready to play the game.

Once you are playing the game, you have several options. You can train in edurance, train in speed, or race. Each option takes 1 turn off your day. Once your turns reaches 0, your turns reset and move onto the next day. You have 30 days to finish the game and win all 5 races.